Help one family to plant their own orchard with a contribution of 6€ per harvest.

Help a child to leave the children labour cicle while builds a better future with a contribution of 18€ per month

Support Gorana school. Become a friend with 7€ per month and help Kolam to bring education to rural areas.

    With your help we achieved…

Provide education to more than 255 children

Over 20 health checkups performed

Over 30 children have received school supplies and clothing


Are you against child labor?
Do you think that if we unite all we could make a more just world?
Do you think that all children should have the same opportunities?
If the answer is yes, it is time to step forward.
Change is in your hands!

Collaborate with Kolam is a great option. In the first 8 months of life it has more than 250 children benefit from our help. Besides the founders personally monitor the projects to ensure that the objectives are met.

Well, what role do you have in this?
The answer is simple: The most important.
That's right, without you, none of this is possible.

    It is estimated that in India there are 60 million children under 14 who work in conditions of semi-slavery

In Kolam can not agree more with the quote unity is strength.
So we offer you to join our group of teaming. With this option you will donate € 1 per month for children in India.
Follow the premise and spread the message!

    Want to work with Kolam and projects on the ground?
    In Kolam we are looking for you! We seek dynamic, flexible, resolute, optimistic people
    who believe that a better world is possible.
    If you are interested contact us and live the experience with us.

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