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We are Victor Lopez and Raquel Agorreta. In 2014 we made a trip with the intention to learn and explore as much Asian countries as we could. We landed in New Delhi, India and visited this huge country for 3 months. India does not leave anyone indifferent, not us. Our trip ended much earlier than expected, as we decided to return to work and found the current Kolam. Since February 2015 we are living in India, taking care personally of all actions and projects developed in the country. During this time we have gone through difficult times and many problems but we have gone ahead thanks to the force that gives us the confidence of all those who collaborate with Kolam. The fact to, know that on the other side of the world people trust us to solve any problem, receive messages of support or interest shown over the children, is the best reward for our efforts and help us move forward.

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We are not very big but for this reason we can work meeting the needs of beneficiaries firsthand. We care about the state of each and every one of our beneficiaries, we know them in person and they know us, they expose us their problems and we analyze it in order to solve it. We are a big family. Our mission is purely vocational and we value every penny, seek the best and best price is our way of squeezing and optimize resources.
Thereby Kolam guarantees that the money you give to improve the world destinies reach beneficiaries

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