In Kolam we want to prove that you can make a better world because since some time we are achieving the most disadvantaged communities in rural areas of India be a reflection of the change we wish to see in the world.


What’s the secret? The secret is to believe in what we do, to be convinced that a different world is possible, a world where all children have equal opportunities is in our hands.

Yes, you can do something

Kolam is your tool for the change.  

Did you know that thanks to the help of people like you, we have achieved that 255 children attend to school? In rural areas, the illiteracy rate reaches almost 70% and only 3% of the adult population has completed their minimum studies.

Be part of the change!


  • When you look back you realize that humanity has survived all that survived because an excess of optimism. - Eduard Punset. In Kolam we are as optimistic as dreamers and we believe that a just world is possible. Turn the dreams into reality!

We work to promote the education and guarantee the basic rights of people living in extreme poverty in India, to improve the quality of life of all beneficiaries of the projects. Kolam works with people from the lower castes of India, who are considered inferior. With access to basic services and quality education is expected to achieve integration the society.

Want to work with Kolam and their projects on the ground? In Kolam we are looking for you! We seek dynamic, flexible, resolute, optimistic people who believe that a better world is possible. If you are interested contact us and live the experience with us .
Yes, I want to go to India

Your solidarity becomes opportunities. Together it’s possible Let's do it !
Happy to help! :)

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